TeleHealth Counseling

What is TeleHealth Counseling?

TeleHealth or Video therapy is a great place to work through a variety of presenting issues from the convenience of your own home or office.  Research has found that video therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. And thanks to a highly secure connection, our sessions will remain private.  Telehealth requires no special software or technical skills. All you need is a computer (with an integrated camera). It’s as simple as that. 

Who is TeleHealth Therapy for?

Video sessions are for any resident of Texas seeking counseling services. Specifically, Telehealth also benefits clients that are unable to leave their home due to sickness or other means. Additionally, clients with very hectic schedules may desire Telehealth as a means to provide self-care without disrupting too much of one’s personal life.

How do I get started?

Your first step is to call us to schedule your initial appointment. You will be asked to provide some initial information over the telephone and fill out our patient consent form. You may then be scheduled for an initial session which provides an opportunity for us to build a rapport. In addition, we will be able to answer your questions regarding services, fees, confidentiality and what to expect in therapy.