“As someone who had been to multiple therapists and psychologists from an early age through young adulthood, I was skeptical of the actual benefits of counseling. My prior experience of therapy left me feeling like a “number” and consistently misunderstood. Due to these experiences, I was hesitant to trust these counselors and never actually bought in, but rather said what I felt was right, nodded my head in agreement to whatever they suggested, only to find myself back where I started; depressed, anxious, and self-medicating with numerous substances.

In my first session with Travis, I was surprised. There wasn’t a litany of questions or any shuffling through the DSM-5. Instead, Travis just wanted to get to know me, and in turn, wanted to share his own story and struggles with me. Travis’ innate ability to take a vested interest in myself and meet me where I’m at, allowed us to form a bond and sense of trust that I hadn’t experienced in most of my relationships with friends or even family, let alone with a counselor.

By no means did Travis “cure” me; I don’t think any counselor ever has cured anyone in my predicament. Yet, Travis walked with me through my struggles, celebrated my successes, and respected my well-being enough to challenge me and tell me what I needed to hear, rather than some spiel in an effort to keep me on-board or let me down softly. Regardless of what you may be struggling with, I would recommend Travis to anyone in search of living life in truth, hope, and happiness.”

Conor, Dallas, TX
“I came to Travis to grow personally as a man, to deepen and strengthen my relationships, and to gain the tools I needed to be my best self. Every session I’ve had with Travis helps me not only all of these goals, but in ways I never would have imagined all because Travis is an incredibly genuine, professional, and insightful counselor. I look forward to meeting with him every chance I get and I would highly recommend him.”
UTD Student, Richardson, TX
“I have nothing but great things to say. He’s very personable and approachable. I like that he takes time to really get to know instead of jumping the gun from the get-go. His help and care is absolutely genuine. Overall, a great counselor.”
Young Professional, Dallas, TX