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Welcome! Whether you are in need of counseling, just visiting for advice, or you randomly stumbled onto this page, we’re glad you’re here!  

Whichever camp you are in, we are all fellow sojourners in this thing called life and each of us are living out a unique story.  For most of us, the story that we are living feels like one that we started reading halfway through and have no idea what’s going. We might feel stuck or confused and end up questioning the “writer”: What’s the plot? Who are the main characters? What’s my role? Is there a guide? It can be difficult to think that what comes on the next page could be hopeful or even good. However, when we look at some great stories, we can see that not only is there a plot in the confusion, but there is also a guide for the main character. In Good Will Hunting, Will had Sean, in Hitch, Albert had Hitch, in Lord of the Rings, Frodo has Gandalf, in Harry Potter, Harry has Dumbledore… ok, enough with the references… but in every great story, the main character has a guide! (If you haven’t seen any of these movies/read these books… go check em out!)

Our stories are no different. I remember a time in my life when I felt like I had no idea what step to take next. I was wrestling with the idea of whether or not to go back to grad school to pursue a counseling degree. I needed someone to help guide me through this process that I couldn’t figure out on my own. I ended up meeting with a friend for lunch and as I processed, it became clear that I had a lot more questions than I had answers. My buddy stepped into my story and told me a simple illustration followed by a pivotal question. He said people often are projected into leadership or discover their passion when they can answer the following question: “What do you hate?”

His question helped me figure out what was going to come next in my story. Here’s my answer: I hate that homes are not as God intended them to be. God intended for homes to be a healthy, safe place with meaningful relationships that are marked by closeness, openness, understanding and compassion. However, these homes seem to be the outlier rather than the norm. There seems to be just as much chaos and discord in the home as there is outside the home.

Then, my buddy asked one simple follow-up question: What are you going to do about it? After that conversation, I knew my next step was to pursue my counseling degree. Five years later and now Hebert Counseling exists. When I think back to that lunch and the way my friend helped to guide me through a crossroad in my life, I am reminded of why I do what I do. We are all living our unique, individual stories, but that doesn’t mean we understand it.  The good news is that we aren’t left to figure it out alone. Hebert Counseling exists to serve as a guide for people in Richardson and Dallas to begin to better understand their story. Our hope is that this will lead to experiencing your home, family, relationships and life in more satisfying ways.  

So, maybe it’s your turn to answer those questions that my friend so boldly asked me. What do you hate?  What are you going to do about it?  And even, what is getting in the way?

Feel free to reach out with questions or to set up a time to further explore your story!

By Travis Hebert, MA, LPC